Thursday, September 20, 2018



Gujarat Gram Housing Board, Gandhinagar Gujarat Landless Workers and Hortapati Housing Manufacturing Board, Gandhinagar Gujarat State Rural Development Corporation, Gandhinagar. Funded Subjects Community Development Scheme. National Expansion Service Local works of village development including district development board Sarvodaya Yojana State Panchayat system. All matters related to the local board (except roads) to local self-government organizations. Taxes on public disclosures other than public disclosures made in newspapers, commercial taxes, taxes on taxes, taxes on cattle and boats, tax on animals and boats, tax on purchase or sale of goods other than newspapers, money marketers, businessmen, businesses, businesses and people who charge local self-government organizations. Market and fairs Innkeepers and their caretakers Village Housing Schemes Gujarat Village Housing Board Act, 1972 and the matters being attended Regarding giving landless land free land to village laborers in rural areas under the schemes of both the Central Government and the State Government. (1) Under the administrative control of the department, all the state government officials and appointed government servants, post appointments, changes, behavior, leave-approval, pension etc. All matters related to (2) All the matters pertaining to the grant of pension to the officers of Class-I and R., under the administrative control of the department; and (3) leave of officers of Class-I of the Secretariat cadre under the administrative control of the department, leave for two months and leave of Class-II officials. All things to do,Work, land and buildings assigned to the government for the purposes of the state or under the possession of the government and the panchayat, village homeland and the village development department.
Fees for this list are in addition to the fees and fees taken for any purpose by the court for the purpose of any matter in this list. The program for continuous scarcity areas is called the Rann area development program
Program to guide organizations that are willing to undertake voluntary organizations, integrated rural development programs.
Training of village development training Total Rural Self Employment Scheme Special Employment Plan Indira Awas Yojana: Rural Sanitation Scheme (Rural Sanitation) Gokul Gram Yojna: Golden Jubilee Village Self Employment Scheme


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