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Important Issues Of Samras Village Scheme

Important Issues Of Samras Village Scheme

There are parties and symbols in the state's elections but there is no such symbol of the party in the election of the village panchayat. There are important reasons behind it. It has been a tradition of Arya culture, the origin of the village, its originality, its occasions, and the rituals are being preserved. Various commo-castes of the village participate in festive occasions and keep the family spirit alive. In order to avoid disrupting this specialty of them, the panchayat actors have not kept the standard of the party in the organization of this local local body. The soil of the country should be the water of the country, the fruits of the country should be fruitful, and the Lord becomes good. The home of the country and the country's mold, the country's one and the country WAT, easy to become, easy to be made. By the year 2015, till now, 10,080 gram panchayats have been built. Of these 392 gram panchayats, all the members including Sarpanch have elected unmarried women members.
The party has not kept the party's standard in this basic institution's election. In villages, there is a plan to highlight hatred, tactics, untimely rhetoric. The villagers gather together and unanimously decide the delegates for the administration of the village panchayat. In which many people take inspiration for the society by taking their rights and adopting a noble approach to the noble cause of village development and development.
Instead of getting something in the current environment, the feeling of renunciation becomes evident, that is not the issue, but the consensus is decided by the dialogue. The election of village panchayats is very expensive every day and there is an increase in the atmosphere of differences in rural life. In these circumstances, the village panchayat Elections can be done unanimously and unanimously through a comprehensive understanding so that the local people can get their name It is necessary to create a situation that is very much a part of the development work. The village panchayats elected to non-voters will get Rs. 1,000 / - and Rs. With the intention of communicating the goodwill of the people in place of Rs.2,000 / - (Rupees 3/10/1996), the State Government has started the process of encouraging such gram panchayats since October 2001. The State Government has repeatedly increased the grant to give a grant of two times the amount of grants to the Gram Panchayat if all the members, including the Sarpanch of the village Panchayat, have been given a grant for granting one lakh rupees and if unevenly elected, then the last date: 29/11/2011 In the year 2001, after the Samarsa village scheme was declared, 10,980 samars were distributed to the village panchayats. Jay has given grants. Further, as a part of the government's gramavivam approach, for the technical reasons, the gram panchayats, who did not get the benefit of Samras Yojana, also distributed 121 gram panchayats to the society. A grant of 128.12 lakhs has been given. In all these Samras Gram Panchayats, the grants received under the scheme of Samras village, besides their own funds and other schemes of village panchayat for the development of the village, are being used.


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