Navratri & Diwali vacation decl

Navratri vaction date

Despite protests from several schools across the state, 

government on Tuesday declared an eight-day 

from October 10 to October 17, for state-run or affiliated schools and colleges.

The government clarified that the decision will not be binding on schools affiliated to CBSE, ICSE and other boards schools or educational institutions not affiliated to the Gujarat government.

In the eastern and northeastern states of India, theis synonymous with Navratri, wherein goddess Durga battles and emerges victorious over the buffalo demon to help restore In the northern and western states, the festival is synonymous with "Rama Lila" and Dussehra that celebrates the battle and victory of go over the demon king habahIn southern states, the victory of different goddesses, of Rama or Saraswati is celebrated. In all cases, the common theme is the battle and victory of Good over Evil based on a regionally famous epic or legend such as the gss or the hshshis

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