Tirthagam / Pavnagam Government Scheme

Tirthagam / Pavnagam Government Scheme

Tirthgam Yojana is a plan that encourages villages in the rural areas of the state to become mutually strong, to maintain unity in the villages, to prevent untimely tension, and to encourage the villages of all-round development.

2. Incentive grant of Rs. 2.00 lakhs to the village as tirtha gam and one lakh incentive grant to the village which will be declared as Paganagaam.

3: Implementation of the scheme started from 2004-05. The standards for getting encouragement grant for Tirthgaon / Pavnagam are as follows.

4 In the last five years, if there is no criminal offense registered in Tirthgaon, and if there is no criminal crime registered in the last three years, it is the main provision to declare Pannagam.

5 There is a provision made by the selection committee on the basis of the status of the village based on the status of important things such as Satsangam, cleanliness, high rate of childcare, dalit and other areas in the village in tribal area, such as primary amenities, awareness of water conservation. For faster and effective implementation of the scheme, the decision is taken by the selection committee in the chairmanship of the province officer at the Taluka level.


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